Peter Singer on the Ethics of Giving to the Very Poor

Peter Singer was recently interviewed by Kate O’Toole on Triple J’s current affairs program, Hack. In the interview and ensuing discussion, Singer raised some interesting points with one central theme: the rich world (that’s us) have a moral obligation to give a significant percentage of our incomes to the developing world. No ifs. No buts.

BBC’s Claudia Hammond on HIV/AIDS in South Africa

In this piece, Hammond gives a fascinating insight into the real impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, and along the way meets many encouraging people who are trying to make a difference. In particular, the link between immuno-suppressed HIV/AIDS patients and tuberculosis is explored, with attention on the difficulties of obtaining patient compliance with complicated medication schemes that TB and HIV/AIDS demands. More a story of hope than anything else, but the scale of the problem cannot be underestimated.

Reporting on Closing the Gap – Should we Already Expect Progress?

For those Australians who think that Development issues are something to do with Sub-Suharan Africa, think again. There is all the terrible and tragic action happening right on our doorstep. The recent first report card speech delivered by the PM to parliament went for 40min and by some accounts and responses, didn’t deliver a great deal. In my opinion though, we should give the PM a break, for now at least.

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