EconomicsNow! is inspired by a similar project at the other place which was called ‘FinanceNow!’. EconomicsNow! aims to deliver comments and podcasts to students of Economics in general, and students of ECC2800 Prosperity, Poverty & Sustainability in particular.

This site uses RSS feeds and podcasts to allow users to engage in the site’s content in a more dynamic and interesting way.

To subscribe to EconomicsNow! podcasts …

You will need to download a podcast manager, such as iTunes.

Subscribe Using iTunes

With iTunes open, click on the Advanced tab in the programs title bar. From there, click on ‘Subscribe to Podcast’.

Look in the 'Advanced' tab in the title bar
Look in the ‘Advanced’ tab in the title bar

In the window that appears, copy the text http://feeds.feedburner.com/EconomicsNow into the URL text box. This will allow iTunes to scan the site for any updates.

With that done, look in the ‘podcasts’ tab on the right-hand side in the iTunes library list.
You should now see the EconomicsNow! podcast series added, with all entries listed, ready to be downloaded. Depending on your settings, you may need to update the list manually.

podcasts page in iTunes
podcasts page in iTunes

To subscribe to our RSS feeds…

so that new articles will become available to you automatically, without you needing to check the site, click on the appropriate link at the bottom of any page within the site. You will need a feed manager, such as feedDemon, or Mozilla Firefox’s inbuilt Live Bookmarks app.

You should now be ready to access all of our news feeds and podcasts as they become available. Enjoy!