//Africa has to find its own road to prosperity (FT opinion)

Africa has to find its own road to prosperity (FT opinion)

(Thanks to Ben Hirons) With respect of Dambisa Moyo’s thoughts on Dead Aid here is another President of an African nation, this time, Paul Kagame of Rwanda making a case for leading Africa out of poverty by innovation rather than systemic ‘plans’, or ‘strategies’. As Kagame says, Rwanda faces enormous challenges, both geographically, politically, historically, and in terms of education and health, and yet, the optimism he displays is both courageous and determined.

Read his comments here:

FT.com / Comment / Opinion – Africa has to find its own road to prosperity.

Note: Kagame’s target of a four-fold increase in per-capita incomes in ‘a generation’ (or around 20 years), requires a GDP/cap growth rate of 7%. Considering that Rwanda has a projected population growth rate of just under 3%, this will require a GDP growth rate of 10%. And there, if ever, is the African challenge.


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