//Jakob Madsen on Models of Economic Growth

Jakob Madsen on Models of Economic Growth

Jakob Madsen, Professor of Economics at Monash University has spent many years in Macro-economic research. He has a particular interest in long-run growth, the models that have been used to explain it, and the data that aims to test these models. In his recent work, he is examining so-called ‘second-generation’ endogenous growth models, such as the Schumpeterian growth model. In this interview, Professor Madsen talks about some of his recent work on economic growth and how this bears on economic policy for development in the world’s poorest regions.

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Dr SIMON ANGUS is a computational and complexity scientist and member of the Department of Economics, Monash University. With a background across the physical and social sciences, he has diverse interests including complex systems science, data-science, networks, systems biology, evolutionary game theory and the study of technology.