//Ross Garnaut on Climate Change – Hack – Triple J

Ross Garnaut on Climate Change – Hack – Triple J

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Ross Garnaut on 2020 emissions targets

The wait is over Ross Garnaut has finally revealed his target for carbon emission reductions. This is the figure that shows how serious Australia is about dealing with climate change. It’ll have a big impact on things australia’s energy mix and how much you pay for electricity and fuel. So what’s the figure?

Garnaut says 10% reduction by 2020. Business are satisfied while environmental groups were hoping for much more. Garnaut says Australia should be prepared to committ to bigger reductions if there’s international agreement. But he’s skeptical about whether that’ll happen initially.

All this means we’re heading towards an atmosphere of 550 parts per million of carbon dioxide, where bigger cuts would have us at 450 parts per million. But Ross Garnaut says his recommendation is the right mix of economics and science.

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date: 05/09/2008
reporter: Kate O’Toole

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