//The Economics of Prosperity on a Finite Planet – Pietro Peretto (Duke)

The Economics of Prosperity on a Finite Planet – Pietro Peretto (Duke)

Pietro Peretto (Duke)
Pietro Peretto (Duke)

Pietro Peretto, Professor of Economics, Duke University, is tackling the very biggest topic in Economics — How can humanity experience increasing living standards in a world of finite resources? Or more particularly, does the stabilisation of population levels imply the cessation of economic prosperity gains? Professor Peretto is a theorist who has been developing analytical models of human output and interaction with the environment. Professor Peretto was in Melbourne recently for the 17th Australasian Macroeconomic Workshop, at Monash University.

Read the paper on which this Podcast is based: Peretto, Pietro F. and Valente, Simone, Growth on a Finite Planet: Resources, Technology and Population in the Long Run (June 29, 2011). Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID) Working Paper No. 103.

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