//Zimbabwe – Left to Die – Foreign Correspondent – ABC

Zimbabwe – Left to Die – Foreign Correspondent – ABC

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Read the transcript of Andrew Geoghegan’s undercover trip to Zimbabwe from ABC’s Foreign Correspondent, an excerpt is here:

Cholera is a preventable disease, yet there’s an epidemic raging in Zimbabwe. At least 4,000 are dead, and some 90,000 infected. Filming secretly and posing as tourists, reporter Andrew Geoghegan and producer Mary Ann Jolley uncover the true extent of the crisis. President Robert Mugabe denies there’s an epidemic, but in community after community, Foreign Correspondent finds dozens of victims and their families.

Many blame the government but it seems others may also share responsibility for the dire situation. We meet a former United Nations insider who is highly critical of the role the organisation’s Humanitarian Coordinator is playing in Zimbabwe. He says the lives of millions have been compromised because the UN’s highest humanitarian official in Zimbabwe is too close to the Mugabe regime.

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