Andreas Lange (U Hamburg) on Why Fairness Principles Matter to International Climate Change Negotiations

Andreas Lange

Andreas Lange

Why does fairness matter to international climate change negotiations?

To help us answer this question, Andreas Lange, a Professor of Economics from the University of Hamburg joins us on EconomicsNow!. Andreas also holds positions at the Centre for European Economic Research, Mannheim, University of Maryland, and the National Bureau of Economic Research. Andreas has worked on a number of issues in public and environmental economics, applying theory, lab experiments and applied econometrics to the task. Most recently, Andreas has conducted research on international climate change negotiations and the notion of fairness that each nation or region takes to the negotiations.

Read the paper on which this Podcast is based: Lange, Andreas, Andreas Löschel, Carsten Vogt and Andreas Ziegler, “On the Self-Serving Use of Equity Principles in International Climate Negotiations”, European Economic Review 54, 2010, 359-375.

Or download the podcast here: download (mp3)

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