//Andy Seltzer (University of London) on wages, glass-ceilings and business cycles

Andy Seltzer (University of London) on wages, glass-ceilings and business cycles

Prof Andy Seltzer
Prof Andy Seltzer

Andy Seltzer is a Professor in the Department of Economics, Royal Holloway, University of London. Professor Seltzer is an Economic Historian first and foremost and has been working on questions in labour economics by studying, amongst other things, the payroll tabulations from large bank and railway employers during the first part of the 20th century. Professor Seltzer’s work has shed some analytical light on whether employees were rewarded for effort or just years of tenure, and whether a gender pay gap was evident in levels of pay. He’s also been starting to use laboratory experiments to tease out the motivations at play in the historical data. I began our time together by asking him about the nature of payroll data.

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