//More BOOM and Bust!

More BOOM and Bust!

Well, given recent events in global markets, it’s about time that the coolest, hippest rappers of modern economics put their pens back to the page and fired up the beat-box! If you haven’t seen the first installment of Boom and Bust then watch that first. … It will make this update all the more fascinating. … Though, as my good friend and co-author, Dr Ben Waterhouse aptly says, you can’t get much better than the line in the first rap where they manages to rap “invective” and “Austrian perspective”!

Dr SIMON ANGUS is a computational and complexity scientist and member of the Department of Economics, Monash University. With a background across the physical and social sciences, he has diverse interests including complex systems science, data-science, networks, systems biology, evolutionary game theory and the study of technology.