//Putting the BOOM back into Economics

Putting the BOOM back into Economics

OK, I know, at times Economics and Economists get some bad press about their image, their character, their long explanations, their poor predictions .. their long sentences … ahem… But one thing that is not disputed is that the world still puts a lot of store in their advice. And particularly so when it comes to very big economic fluctuations. You will no doubt have seen claim and counter-claim on the benefits and costs of following this policy or that when it comes to ‘fixing’ the world economy after the latest recession.

Two names loom large in that debate: Hayek and Keynes. And now, thanks to the superb script and deft direction of the folks over at Econ Stories, Economics eduction now, literally, raps it to the masses. Watch and learn, folks. Watch and learn …

Dr SIMON ANGUS is a computational and complexity scientist and member of the Department of Economics, Monash University. With a background across the physical and social sciences, he has diverse interests including complex systems science, data-science, networks, systems biology, evolutionary game theory and the study of technology.