Briefing: Economic Complexity – of Robots, T-Shirts and Iron Ore

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a t-shirt, business shirt or blouse – like the one you are most likely wearing right now? Recently, a collaboration between physicist, César Hidalgo and Economist, Ricardo Hausmann has seen the development of fascinating techniques to do just that – to study not just the trading relationships amongst the nations of the Earth, but the product relationships that lie behind this trade. Such analysis leads to some tantalizing prospects like mapping capabilities, or measuring the product- or capability- complexity that each country possesses. In this pod-cast, we’ll introduce and explore this remarkable analysis which goes under the heading: Economic Complexity.

Rebecca Morton (NYU) on Voting and Personal Attributes

What about you impacts on your voting choice? Professor Rebecca Morton, Professor of Politics at New York University joins us today on EconomicsNow! to talk voting. Specifically, she has recently finished a study on what contributes to a person’s preferences for leftist or rightist political platforms. Interestingly, Becky considers both the direct effects of attributes such as income and educational level, but also the direct and indirect effects that personality type, and intelligence can have on a person’s voting behaviour. In this podcast, we discuss the study and its possible implications for voter behaviour, political parties, and the conduct of other studies on voting.

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